Our Story

We came together to write our first book, Read This...® When I'm Dead due to personal death and dying experiences with our moms. Christy's mom lived, Annie's mom died. While sharing our experiences we recognized how important it is for every person to make their wishes known to their loved ones.

As we worked together on this book, we noticed that other topics also screamed for attention. Thus, we created the Read This...® series – guided journals for living well, and ReadThis.Guru was born.  It really was that much work and that worthwhile!

Our second book, Read This…® On Our Anniversary, is a lovely memory book of how you met, your romance, engagement, ceremony, honeymoon and your first 70 anniversaries!  A fabulous gift for showers, weddings and anniversaries. Churches are using them in their wedding preparation classes, too!

The third guided journal in the series, Read This…® On Your Birthday, is a darling book for an adult to fill out for a child for its first 21 years. A look back at celebrations, milestones in the child’s life and favorite memories.

We "pop up" in the guided journals to provide information and reminders along the way. We do this in the form of our "avatars" on the right side of this page. Why avatars? Clearly because they never age! 


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meet the Gurus:

A wife, political strategist, and really bad golfer.  The short-haired avatar looks like Annie. She offers practical advice delivered irreverently!


A devoted mom and former lawyer & non-profit executive, and a lover of national parks.  The long haired avatar looks like Christy.  She brings her perspective to you with humor.

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