My first blog!



It's not everyday a girl decides to start blogging.  Just on the day that she thinks the self-help guides she and her friend have written are actually helpful.  We have received so much positive feedback about our first book, Read This...® When I'm Dead, that a blog is perfect to share details.  Turns out a lot of people keep thinking they will

1.  write down their favorite family stories,

2.  prepare a handy list of their passwords,

3.  indicate where the cash is hidden in the house,

4.  tell someone what, and when, their pets eat,

5.  figure out where the insurance policies are located,

6.  tell the fabulous-jewelry-everyone-wants-to-inherit story,

7.  write down the name of their lawyer, and

8.  perhaps even mention their funeral wishes.

Yep, we all talk about it and few of us do much toward accomplishing this extremely helpful exercise for our heirs.  So our guide is designed for you to fill out one page at a time.  You can review a couple of sample chapters on the Read This...® Series tab.  It's pretty easy.  One friend is filling out a page each day.  Brilliant.

Our book leads your heirs, family and friends in the direction you wish.  It's fun, slightly irreverent and easy.  It's full of resources, famous quotes and ideas you may find very useful.  Enjoy!