What On Earth Is A Guided Journal?



We aren’t in the habit of writing traditional books...the kind you think of with a story line or photos about someone else or some amazing novel

We created a guided journal series!  What on earth is that? It is a book full of space for you to write your thoughts. It’s all about you!  What we have learned, and what makes us come to work every day is you. It is the people who reach out to us and say things like:

  • I had the best conversation of my life with my mother in her final days as we used your Guided Journal to talk about all the things we hadn’t really discussed before.
  • My wife just died and we used to remember our marriage together by talking. If we had filled out Read This…® On Our Anniversary life would be different. (Tearfully.)  I’m buying your anniversary Guided Journal for my son who has been married over 20 years — so this won’t happen to them.
  • I’m filling out Birthday right now for my youngest. I’m buying another copy to try to remember “back in time” for my other children. I now know that I can’t remember those things that I wanted to tell them about them.

Every day we put thought and research into our craft — creating guided journals for people so they can Celebrate Life’s Treasures. These books capture the stories of people’s lives crafted around a subject. They are meaningful. The people and memories they celebrate are treasures.

Thank you for being a part of our community and for sharing your stories with us. We are looking forward to launching our fourth Guided Journal later this year!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!