Sharing Our Stories



Because we write a series of “guided journals” and our first is called Read This…® When I’m Dead, we spend a fair amount of time talking about how we came to write this book with such a provocative title. We answer simply, the topic was on our hearts. Christy’s mom has lived with a terrible disease for 37 years and my mom just dropped dead one day when I was a kid. We decided that between us, there is a lot of material on the topic of death and dying that needs to be brought out into the open. We set out to change the conversation and we feel like it is beginning to happen!

Just this week I ran across a website from the UK that is also devoted to encouraging people to document their lives, plan and share their final wishes. We all know that our culture is really crummy when it comes to actually talking about dying. Despite the nightly news being consumed with the tragic ways people die every day, we rarely take a proactive approach to sharing our stories, our dreams and our plans for the twilight years, with those who we consider our loved ones, our heirs. One of my most vibrant childhood memories is standing in front of mom’s closet, with my baby sister on my hip, trying to figure out which dress was mom’s favorite. We were trying to decide what to bury her in. Who knew?

Take a look at this film from It is fascinating. The highlights are spoken from the voice of the dead or dying person. It is not creepy, I promise. One little story is about a dog left behind, now homeless, because his human forgot to make arrangements for him. Ugh.

Somehow, we need to find a way to put aside the idea that dying is not going to happen and embrace our lives. Christy and I happily recommend tackling this important effort, one story at a time.