Who's On Your Heirplane?




Yes, guilty! I made this word up. My sister and I make up words all the time.  We are silly.

But this is a serious topic that needs consideration…who are your heirs? Have you taken the time to write down your story, identify who gets your most precious stuff, and plan out your final wishes?  

These three topics make up the sections in our guided journal we lovingly refer to as our “Dead” book since it is the first book in our Read This…® series. Over and over we hear from people who wish to gather their thoughts, organize their things, and share their funeral plans.

Obviously, an actual airplane transports people from one place to another.  So, will your Heirplane…it will convey your stories, deliver your favorite possessions, and unload the details of your good-bye as you move to your final resting place. 

A poll taken by Gallup (1) in 2016 suggests that at least 56% of Americans do not have a will.  This means their stories, stuff and funeral wishes will be left to the court system and Uncle Sam to sort out.  Egads! What better gift can you leave your loved ones than a seat on your Heirplane!

Consider your Heirplane the mechanism to peacefully transfer this precious cargo to your people, your heirs. You will need a Will, a Living Trust, a Power of Attorney, and perhaps a few other legal documents to avoid leaving without a trace! Certainly, do some research online or visit an attorney to discuss. Be sure to tell your heirs that they have a reserved seat on your Heirplane. Nothing could be sweeter than to hear those words!

(1) http://news.gallup.com/poll/191651/majority-not.aspx