Come Celebrate with Us in 2019!




My mom has always celebrated others — her friends, my friends, me, our broader family. She sends a care package of baked goods to our daughter and her college friends every week. Yes. Every week for four years. (She did that for me, too.) And it brings the college students and my mom such joy!

Celebrating good moments, achievements, and “just for fun” is part of her DNA. Maybe literally. Her maternal family were 100% Norwegian and they laughed all the time. I can still see (they looked like Vikings) and hear my great aunts and uncles and grandma giggling together — even into their 80’s. They were smart (many engineers and technology experts) with advanced degrees, but boy were they silly! Authentic, to the core belly laughs and celebrations were a central part of their lives. I loved spending time with them. 

I have had a front row seat to experience what happens when we celebrate others. They glow. They warm. They flourish. And life takes on a very different tone for everyone. — It is a wonderful one. 

This year, Annie and I have chosen “celebrate” as the focus for our book series. This will be so much fun and completely consistent with what the Read This… series is meant to do! Will be CELEBRATING everything we can along with you. Big, small. Whatever. Pretty sunrises, gatherings with friends, fun moments with pets, babies, children, aging parents, graduations, snow, warm weather, weddings, birthdays, new houses, mastering something, TRYING something new, retirements, quiet moments, goofy moments…let’s celebrate something every day! We’d love to hear from you because celebrating really is contagious and life-changing.     

Thanks Mom and the Christianson family…and