LOVE is the Word for February. Let's Celebrate!
Linnea Calendar 2019…absolutely adorable!

Linnea Calendar 2019…absolutely adorable!

How do you define LOVE?

As we approach Valentine’s Day, often celebrated by an exchange of greeting cards, red roses, romantic dinners and visions of cupid dancing about, how do you define LOVE?

  • -the forgiveness of a friend

  • -a heartfelt embrace

  • -tender words

  • -thoughtful condolences

  • -anonymous kindness

  • -sharing a smile

  • -seeing the twinkle in wizened eyes

  • -tears of gratitude

  • -a homemade meal delivered

  • -hearing a friend’s voice from afar

  • -completing a job well done

  • -the recognition of gratitude

  • -finding a moment’s peace

  • -seeking truth

  • -confidence returned

  • -courage found

  • -giving thanks

  • -sharing enthusiasm

  • -health celebrated

  • -art that touches you

  • -helping a stranger

  • -saying good-bye

  • -being thankful

  • -determination toward good

  • -applauding effort

  • -feeling the grip of a tiny hand

  • -being content

  • -regaining strength

  • -achieving a goal

  • -relinquishing control

  • -being worthy of the friend’s forgiveness

Wherever you find love, however you define it, have a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

with love and hugs, annie p.