Read This... guided journals help you tell your story. They become keepsakes. The series is designed to engage, educate and inspire the "ultimate author" to organize their stuff, their stories and the emotional journeys of their lives - to “capture life’s treasures." 

Read This... When I'm Dead has been enthusiastically received throughout the country. The book makes it easy to gather important information and fun facts for your heirs. Yes this can be fun! - Take a look at the table of contents  to see how. Be sure your heirs know where it is!

Read This...™ On Our Anniversary celebrates a long, happy life together. Note how you met, your romance, your engagement and your ceremony. Then add your favorite memories and activities from each year and anticipate the year ahead. Over time it becomes the story of your life together.

Read This… On Your Birthday captures the story of a child’s life from birth to 21. — Favorite friends, activities, memories, songs and experiences to name a few. Each year the adult writes a note to the child. Over time it becomes a unique treasure celebrating that special child’s life.

There are more to come. Stay tuned!

We encourage everyone to #tellyourstory with #guidedjournals as you #capturelifestreasures

"This book is great. I'm thinking about my aging parents, my kids and their kids. I can't even believe I'm a grandma already! When I'm gone, they will know everything about me and how to find my insurance, my bank accounts and the music I want played at my funeral."
Peggy, St. Louis, Missouri

"A really unique approach to chronicling your personal journey and organizing key estate planning needs. Cleverly narrated by Annie and Christy's "avatars." It's friendly and peppered with their real-life experiences, advice, and tips to leaving your loved ones a thoughtful and useful guide."
Beth, Columbus, Ohio

Our second book in the series, Read This...™ On Our Anniversary, is an upbeat guide to celebrating a long, happy life together. 

"I love this book! We're buying copies for wedding presents."
Holly, Winterhaven, Florida

"I bought six copies! For my wife, my kids, my pastor and a friend."
Russell, Overland Park, Kansas