Literacy KC & Annie Presley Partner to Host “The Great Birthday Adventure”

February 19, 2019

[KANSAS CITY, MO] – Literacy KC will present “The Great Birthday Adventure”, taking place at The Genesis School on February 21, 2019 at 5:00 PM, and featuring Annie Presley, co-author of the guided journal series: Read This…

Presley and her co-author Christy Howard wrote Read This…On Your Birthday “for an adult to fill out about a loved child.” The authors were inspired by warm family traditions and a desire to make it simple to remember the kids in their lives. Literacy KC will partner with Presley to throw a birthday party for the families in Literacy KC’s Let’s Read, family reading program, who attend The Genesis School. Presley will also provide a free copy of her book for caregivers and parents to fill out for their children.

“We are so excited to partner with Annie on this amazing opportunity for our Let’s Read families to record their birthday memories for years to come!” said ToiSheona Thomas, Program Manager at Literacy KC. Literacy KC offers a welcoming community for adults and families to improve literacy skills and enhance quality of life. With support from volunteers, donors, partners, and the community at large, Literacy KC invests in Kansas City’s greatest asset – our people.

3 Secrets to a Happy Marriage 

January 29, 2019


 Best “hacks” on how to build a relationship that will last, according to George Blair-West.

  1. Get older! - Date around.  Get married later. Give your brain a chance to mature!

  2. Respect each other- Share power in decision making. Listening is important.

  3. Be reliable- Do what you say you will do. Care for and protect your partner.

Watch the full TED talk here: George Blair-West - 3 ways to build a happy marriage and avoid divorce

“Admirers remember George H.W. Bush as statesman and gentleman”

December 2, 2018

HOUSTON (AP) — George H.W. Bush played many prominent public roles in nearly a century of life, from when he was a 20-year-old World War II hero to the 41st president of the United States. In between came turns as a congressman, the director of the CIA, an ambassador to the United Nations and China, and a two-term vice president.

Yet colleagues and friends say the great-grandfather was humble, modest and unfailingly polite.

"As much grief as he got from the media and from people who weren't crazy about him, he never really held grudges and he was never really rancorous about it," said Annie Presley, a local woman who worked for the Bushes as a fund-raiser and volunteer. "He was very thoughtful about why people did and said what they did."



“Up To Date” with Steve Kraske on KCUR

November 26, 2018

Segment 2: Why you should be writing your own remembrance.

It's sounds like a punchline, but this is no joke; an increasing number of people have taken to writing their own obituary. We got some advice on starting the process of writing about yourself in the past tense, and discussed how the practice can help lighten the load for your survivors.


Books That Give Back

December 1, 2018

Annie Presley (MPA '95) Bloch School 
Read This When I'm Dead: A Guide To Getting Your Stuff Together For Your Loved Ones
For most of us, end of life discussions will always be difficult conversations to have with loved ones. There is a way to easily and concisely tell your heirs about yourself, your belongings and your final wishes. In Read This... When I'm Dead, co-authors Annie Presley and Christy Howard created a fill-in-the-blank guide to help organize and manage your key information, thoughts and wishes to pass along to your heirs. You can record everything from noting where cash is hidden in your house, to what your pets like to eat and even the code to your garage door key pad! It's not a replacement for a legal will, rather, a guide for your family and friends, walking them through the details of your life. 
Published 2014, ACE Publishing 
Available at:


for immediate release



“SELFIE-OBIT: Write Your Own Obituary”

Local author Annie Presley has been invited to present her “Selfie-Obit” workshop next month in New York City as part of a conference designed to prompt our culture to “Reimagine End of Life.”  The week-long conference dubbed RemagineNYC follows the highly successful inaugural event last April in San Francisco where 10,000 people attended 175 events presented by collaborators (experts) at the request of the non-profit

For the NYC event, the organization has selected 250 presenters featuring art exhibits, performances, workshops and comedy shows that explore questions about death, and celebrating life, from all perspectives. Over 15,000 participants are expected in NYC. Events are listed online at Reimagine End of Life  - NYC Collaboration.

On October 30th, Annie will lead her workshop “Selfie-Obit” for those who wish to write their own legacy rather than leave the task to others. While free and open to the public, tickets are required at

Annie will also be selling and signing the award-winning book Read This...® When I'm Dead, that she and co-author Christy Howard wrote in 2014 to help people journal, celebrate, and organize legacy information. The fill-in-the-blank guide captures information for heirs and loved ones, including favorite memories, tracking assets and valuables and yes, there is a page for your own obituary.

Interestingly, in 2015 cremation was chosen more often than traditional burial for the first time in the US.  Most recently, funerals have become more fun (Aretha Franklin’s 3-hour “Going Home” celebration).  For the increasing numbers who chose to celebrate the life of a loved one, cremains can be packed into fireworks or made into diamonds (plus dozens of other ideas). Changes have been broad, actually disruptive to use a popular entrepreneurial term, and even include “death doula” certification training to help people die with dignity and respect. And yes, selfie-obits are a trend! Just watch The Last Word, a fun movie featuring Shirley McLain and Amanda Seyfried. It takes the burden off the people you love at a time when they are grieving and helps ensure fewer errors!

Cremation Stats:

Doula Info:


About Read This…When I’m Dead: Presley and Howard saw a need for this book from personal experiences. "We wanted to make it easier for loved ones in the fog of a passing," Presley stated remembering her anguish at age 12, when her mother died unexpectedly in her arms. 

Conversely, Howard's “death-defying mom” has battled a disease for which she was given 6 months to live in 1980 -- and continues to gather detailed information, history and wishes for Christy. The gap between what Howard has and what Presley wished she had inspired the book. This upbeat, comprehensive organizational book makes it easy to leave life history, thoughts, medical and legacy information. 

The Read This... Gurus, Annie Presley & Christy Howard, are available for media appearances and group presentations. Their Read This... book series encourages readers to reflect, quickly journal and track things that matter. Read This... books are NOW available on Amazon and at Kansas City area retailers including: Rainy Day Books, 10 Hallmark Amy’s Gold Crown stores, 2 Naomi’s Hallmark stores, and Hallmark’s new concept store called HMK on the Country Club Plaza.

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1 Million Cups: A startup revolutionizing car shopping; a guided journal series

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January 9, 2017

The Independent

December 17, 2016

Grill Nation Radio Interview

November 15, 2016

Annie Presley with Jason Grill Talking Politics and Books

Annie Presley with Jason Grill Talking Politics and Books

Live and Late-Breaking News!
November Newsletter

November 14, 2016

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Annie and Christy on "Kansas City Live"

November 7, 2016



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"3 Things You Need to Know About The Read This...™ Series"

October 2016 Newsletter

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Angelos Magazine

Fall 2016


October 11, 2016

Annie Presley: From Politics to Publishing

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March 2016

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March 2016

Annie Presley from ace publishing Talks About Self-Publishing Her First Book

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Kansas City Author Creates Workbook For When You Die

May 27, 2015

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Meet the Woman Who Introduced Buck O'Neil to George W. Bush

Kansas City Live with Joel Nichols

May 26, 2015

Annie and Christy visit Kansas City Live with Joel Nichols to talk about "Read This™... When I'm Dead".

Christy was the guest on KKFI 90.1 FM’s Anything Goes Show with Charles Ferruzza, Friday, May 14.

Kansas City Public Library

Political Consultant Annie Presley Discusses Her Full, Well-Connected Life and New How-To Book (on Preparing for Death)

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As seen in The Independent Magazine

As seen in Lee’s Summit Lifestyle magazine